Despite the quality of the techniques and materials used, no LARP weapon is indestructible. We do, however, offer limited coverage on our recreational combat weapons. Nemesis is a company that cares deeply about self-improvement, so please do not hesitate to tell us about problems encountered while using our products. Here are the details and procedures for the 1-year limited warranty.

1 year limited warranty

All items produced by Nemesis Workshops inc. are covered by a one-year (365 days) limited warranty following the date of the sales invoice and not that of the production order. Any product recognized as defective by Nemesis Workshops inc. will, upon presentation of the sales invoice, be repaired or replaced. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of Nemesis Workshops inc.


The use of products produced by Nemesis Workshops inc. are subject to a limited warranty. Failure to comply with the instructions described in the User’s Guide, as well as any modifications of the equipment may result in the warranty being annulled. The warranty only covers premature damage or defects due to manufacturing. Cuts, tears, wear on paint, varnish or latex are not covered by the warranty.

Regular use

This one-year warranty does not cover normal deterioration of Nemesis Workshops INC products, such as, the natural wear and tear of materials during fights. Any alteration to the products automatically voids this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse or non-compliance with the User’s Guide.

Commercial use

Nemesis Workshops inc. products being used for commercial purposes are limited to 120 days of warranty. (e.g. Day camps, LARP presentations, etc.).

Second-hand weapons

Second-hand LARP weapons from Nemesis Workshops inc. are divided into two categories: with aesthetic defects OR used. In both cases, a second hand LARP weapon has the same safety features as a new LARP weapon. Second-hand LARP weapons are not covered by any warranty.


The products of Nemesis Workshops inc. are intended for users aged 14 years and older. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult. Nemesis Workshops inc. and its employees cannot be held responsible for any type of damage or injury resulting from the use of its products. All responsibility rests with the user, who commits to abide by the necessary safety measures.


To make a claim, you must contact the sales department by email. Make sure you read our User’s Guide and understand the limitations of the warranty.

Step-by-step guide to claims:

Contact us by email at ventes@ateliers-nemesis.com;


✓ In your email, please indicate: your full name, your full address (it will be used to return the package), your email address and your telephone number.
✓ In your email please indicate your proof of purchase, for example: proof of payment by Paypal, invoice number etc.
✓ In your email please include a short description of the defective product, photos and ideally videos.

IMPORTANT: The decision to replace a defective item is made at the discretion of Nemesis Workshops inc.

If the claim is approved, follow these steps:

Carefully pack your package before shipping to the following address :

4091 route des Lacs,
St-Élie-de-Caxton, Qc,

✓ Keep the shipping invoice for reimbursement purposes and send a copy by email.
✓ Once your package has been received, Nemesis Workshops inc. will refund the shipping fees.
✓ After an evaluation, Nemesis Workshops inc. will repair or replace the defective item.
✓ It takes 6 to 8 weeks to process a warranty.
✓ Nemesis Workshops inc. will return a repaired or a replacement weapon at their expense, to the specified return address.
For any questions, please contact us by:

E-mail: ventes@ateliers-nemesis.com
Telephone: 819 221-5364

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