User’s guide

It is our responsibility as a manufacturer to ensure the safety of our products, once the weapon is sold that duty is passed along with it. The owner is responsible for respecting the physical integrity of his companions and taking care of his equipment. Despite the quality of the techniques and materials used, no LARP weapon or accessory is indestructible. Here are a few tips to follow to extend the life of your investment and have fun while staying safe.

LARP Weapons

Our weapons are designed for combat play and simulation, that must be kept in mind when caught up in the action.✓ Avoid using excessive force, blows to the face or head.
✓ Be concerned about the safety of others FIRST AND FOREMOST.
✓ Inspect your weapon before your fights and avoid use if it is damaged.
✓ Parental supervision is strongly recommended when used by children.
✓ Avoid extreme conditions: prolonged exposure to the sun, excessive heat or cold.
✓ Avoid the greenhouse effect in THE CAR.
✓ Avoid contact with chemicals, solvents, oils and DEET.
✓ Always store your weapon on a flat surface with no objects on top.
✓ Avoid putting pressure on the ground with the tip of your weapon.
✓ Avoid repetitive rubbing on leather or clothing.
✓ Wash the weapon with a soft cloth and mild soapy water.
✓ Avoid using the weapon as a walking stick.
✓ Avoid bending the weapon like an arc so as not to weaken the body of the weapon.
✓ Spray Gig-a-Loo once per activity on the blade to prevent friction
✓ Avoid hitting against hard, sharp, pointed or abrasive surfaces.
✓ Do not set on fire.
✓ Do not glue or repair the blade with epoxy.
IMPORTANT: For optimum safety, Nemesis Workshop recommends the use of adequate eye protection (e.g. protective glasses or / and helmet).

Leather accessories

✓ Do not set on fire.
✓ Do not glue or repair leathers with epoxy.
✓ ALWAYS store in a ventilated area and dry the accessory properly.
✓ Do not use it if the product is damaged.
✓ Do not put any weight on the accessories during storage as they may deform.

Inspection of a Nemesis weapon in stages:

✓ Feel the tip of your weapon strongly and strike a few blows on your bare forearm. If you feel the structure your weapon is not safe do not use it.
✓ Repeat the process for the rest of the blade.
✓ Bend the blade to check the integrity of the structure.
✓ It is strongly advised to inspect your weapon even on the battlefield.
✓ ALWAYS refer to the approval process of your activities.

Repair and maintenance methods in stages:

✓ You can fill a damaged tip with 100% silicone sealant (follow the merchant’s instructions). (see video(coming soon))
✓ You can repair small cuts with contact adhesive. (follow the merchant’s instructions)
✓ Parts of polyurethane resin — like our molded guards, handles and knobs — can be repaired using cyanoacrylate glue. (follow the merchant’s instructions)
✓ You can wash your weapon with soapy water. Allow to dry well and cover frequently with aerosol silicone. (ex: ji-go-loo))

Our repair services

We have several repair services available, if you want to refresh your finish and revive your equipment!

Free shipping in Canada and the U.S.
on orders of $100 or more!

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