Repair service

After several epic battles, sometimes your weapon needs a little restoration. At Nemesis. we care about the environment and that’s why we offer repair and refurbishing services. After passing through the hands of our craftsmen, your weapon will be able to continue to serve you in future battles!

All restoration services are available at our store and by appointment only.             

Complete refurbishment

Your weapon will be like new! We will clean your weapon and repaint your handle and blade, we will repair the tears on the blade, the guard, the handle and the pommel. In addition, we will re-varnish the blade.

Value: 55$/hr and takes on average 1h-1h30 per weapon.



Temporary point repairs

If your project meets our standards, we will clean your weapon and fill the space around the tip structure with a flexible silicone. We can then re-coat the blade. This service does not give any guarantee of duration and depends a lot on the user.

Value: 35$ + tx

Blade cut repair

We will clean your blade, repair the cuts on the blade and apply a new coat of varnish.

Value: 20$ + tx

Blade restoration

We will clean your weapon and re-varnish the blade. 

Value: Free* ($20 value + tx)

*Please note that if the weapon is really dirty, the freebie does not apply because it involves a lot of work.

Sale and purchase of refurbished weapons

This service is only available on site at our shop. There is a section in our shop reserved for low cost refurbished weapons. We accept the purchase of your used nemesis weapons only after the inspection and only in exchange for NEMESIS XP.


Blade replacement

This service is offered for most of our swords models of 110 cm and less. We will clean your handle and repaint it, repair any tears on the guards, handles and pommels and put a new blade with a 1 year warranty on your old restored handle. For the more excessive user, we offer an additional option of a reinforced tip.

Value: 50% of the original product price. Refer to the product on our website for more details. You will also be able to add certain options to the appearance of your blade (see additional price per option).

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