Greataxe Urgosh 60″


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Made to order

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Made to order

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SKU: 23030 Categories: , , ,

The Urgosh great-axe is forged with massive blades and sharp curves; it is a club-like weapon with a pommel made of coarse spikes. Riddled with battle scars and rust, the knotty wood effect gives it a tribal and barbaric appearance. This collector's item will terrorize your opponents on the battlefield.

All of our axes include:

- A soft, durable tip designed for thrusting

- Strong and flexible reinforcements throughout the weapon

- A structure in the head offering rigidity and durability for parry and pull

- A counterweight in the handle for unparalleled maneuverability

- 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects

- 100% waterproof and latex-free varnish

- Safe practice axe made of foam designed for LARP combat, cosplay, theater, and film.

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