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Purchase this product now and gain 184 XP Nemesis!
Purchase this product now and gain 184 XP Nemesis!
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SKU: W40000 Categories: , ,

This jack-of-all-trade hunting knife is suitable for almost any type of character in LARP, from rogues, to rangers, simple bandits, seasoned hunters, or tough frontier folks. Its long single edged blade makes it a great backup in combat for archers and forest raiders, or the perfect off-hand weapon for two weapons fighting.

The rope groaned under its charge, a bundle of fibers holding up for dear life against the nearly one ton boulder it lifted high in the tree canopy, hidden from sight. Lyz wiped some sweat from her forehead, keeping her breathing under control despite the growing anxiety she could feel building up inside her. It took five of them to set the trap, and the other rangers watched carefully as she kept her blade against the rope, this fragile thing holding the massive rock they hauled in the branches. A big stone was all they needed to vanquish that foe, but it had to land perfectly. They wouldn't get a second chance. The red haired ranger was carefully listening to the forest, and she noticed the silence of the woods before she heard the stomping sound resonate through the soft ground. It was coming. The giant had followed their trail, just like they planned, but it was enormous, standing nearly 30 feet tall, with a wide bearded face, big flat tombstone-shaped teeth, and small porcine eyes scanning the forest for delicious meat to gorge on. The thing had made a meal out of a whole lumber camp a few days before. It had to die before it reached a village, and Lyz's family was living in the nearest one down the trail. 

Feeling her hunting knife slipping in her grip, Lyz quickly wiped her moist hands on her trousers, before lining the sharp edge against the rope, her green eyes locked on the lumbering form. Time seemed to slow down, and the rope creaked in agony, so loud it made the monster twitch and turn its head in her direction, almost as if it could see her through the foliage. It took a step, its ugly face distorting in anger and hunger. It knew! One of the younger rangers gasped in fear at the sight, and jumped out of cover, making a run for it in his panic. Lyz couldn't do anything to stop him, keeping her gaze on the target, and the subtle marker on the ground. Taking chase behind the fleeing ranger, the monster turned, returning on the trail. It was moving fast, too fast, his massive legs covering enormous ground in a single step. Unable to gauge the distance accurately, Lyz took a chance before the monster got out of range and cut the rope in one swift motion of her knife. Just as the giant leaned to grab the running ranger, the boulder fell from the canopy, landing with a thud at the base of his neck. Bone cracked and the monster collapsed face-first into the ground...defeated at last. Unfortunately for the young ranger, he couldn't move out of the fall in time. If only he followed Lyz's example and kept his nerves…

As with all of our Athena products, this model includes:

- A soft and robust reinforced point designed for the estoc;
- A solid structure ready to parry
- A counterweight in the handle for unparalleled maneuverability;
- A 2 year warranty 
- LATEX-FREE and waterproof varnish

Safe foam fake weapon designed for LARP combat, cosplay, theater and film.
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