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Achetez ce produit maintenant et obtenez 215-275 XP Nemesis !
Achetez ce produit maintenant et obtenez 215-275 XP Nemesis !

Inspired by the weapons popular in Germany in the XIV century, the morning star, or morgenstern, is particularly dreadful. It will ignite fear in the hearts of your opponents. By combining blunt-force and puncture attack in varying degrees, warriors are empowered to kill or wound their enemy. Equipped with expanded foam pikes that are both strong and durable.
This model is available with a wooden or metal pole. Also available in normal, notched, or rotten appearance.

As with all of our maces, this model includes:
– Resistant, soft and secure protuberances
– Strong and flexible reinforcements throughout the weapon
– A soft and durable tip designed for thrusting
– A counterweight in the handle, made of hardwood covered with genuine leather, for optimal maneuverability
– 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects
– 100% waterproof and latex-free varnish
– A safe practice mace made of foam, designed for LARP combat, cosplay, theater, and film.
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