Kandjar dagger

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Purchase this product now and gain 320 XP Nemesis!
Purchase this product now and gain 320 XP Nemesis!


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SKU: W40006 Categories: , ,

This elegant Arabian dagger is a latex reproduction of a kandjar knife, a weapon used both for combat and as a sign of status. With its intricate finish and iconic curved blade, this short dagger is a great weapon for any noble such as a sultan, emir or vizir, but can also be carried by rogues, sorcerers, merchants and travellers in LARP.

The young prince was nervously waiting inside the throne room as his father was meeting with diplomats and nobles from across the kingdom. All of them were looking weary and anxious, for the Emir, his father, was a death's door, ravaged by an illness even the court physicians couldn't heal. With the old Emir's departure, the kingdom was facing a succession crisis, for seven princes had claim to the throne, all equal in status and rank, seniority being of little concern by the law if it wasn't followed by the blessing of the monarch. The Emir already refused to promise the crown to his eldest son earlier this day, increasing the uncertainty and the likelihood of seeing the nation decay into factionalism and civil war. But, at the last hour, with the sickly man almost collapsing on his large cushioned chair, he raised a thin hand and summoned his youngest son, the prince, to move forward.

So young was this prince he wasn't even considered an adult yet, for he still had to receive the ceremonial dagger marking his passage to maturity. In a gesture overflowing with symbolism, the dying Emir declared with a solemn voice that his last wish was to see his youngest become a man before he left for his last journey. Reaching for his belt, the old man unsheathed his curved Kandjar dagger, offering it to his youngest. Not only was that the Emir's blade, but the ornamented dagger had been passed from generation to generation between most recorded Emir. It was deeply connected to the crown, meaning that the young prince was now the heir apparent, even without it being explicitly said by the Emir. Even if the kind monarch couldn't push himself to pick a child and raise him above the rest, he, at last, averted a feud over his title by blessing one of his sons.

As with all of our Athena products, this model includes:

- A soft and robust reinforced point designed for the estoc;
- A solid structure ready to parry
- A counterweight in the handle for unparalleled maneuverability;
- A 2 year warranty 
- LATEX-FREE and waterproof varnish

Safe foam fake weapon designed for LARP combat, cosplay, theater and film.
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