Goblin’s mask


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SKU: 26273 Categories: , , , , ,

Often linked to the Kobold of German folklore and the Hobgoblins of English folklore, Goblins mark the origin of legendary creatures. Goblins live in a tribal organization, they are commonly small humanoid creatures whose skin varies from yellow to green and whose eyes range from red to lemon yellow. Thanks to their excellent night vision, they inhabit underground and mountains caves, although they do not hate daylight. This mask represents a race of creatures that is widespread in many medieval fantasy LARP settings. Designed for comfort and effective in combat, the structure is made of 7-8 oz. vegetable tanned leather, boiled and dyed by hand, is rigid and durable. The shape of the mask is very breathable and provides excellent visibility. This mask is fitted with two strong straps that attach to the back of the head, adjustable to fit all heads, easy to slip on and remove. Made of genuine leather, over time the mask will take the form of the wearers face. The inside is carefully smoothed out for added comfort. The product may differ slightly from the selected image.


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