Evazote Foam 50 – 1/4″


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Purchase this product now and gain 74-138 XP Nemesis!
Purchase this product now and gain 74-138 XP Nemesis!
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SKU: WC237513 Categories: , , ,

It is a foam with a nominal density of 3.12 PCF / 50 kg/m³ and can be used in a wide variety of applications. EV50 has an operating temperature of -70 C to 65 C. It is a closed cell, cross-linked EVA copolymer foam with a chemical-free nitrogen infusion process, producing an environmentally friendly product with low VOCs. Evazote foam is a high-density foam, i.e. 3.12 PCF / 50 kg / m³. It has exceptional properties such as its resistance to tearing and shock absorption. This foam is impermeable and resists to temperatures between -60°C and 55°C. It is easily glued with neoprene glue or contact glue. This foam is the best for making light, strong and safe LARPs weapons. This thickness of foam may be suitable for the diameters of the structures we offer. See suggestion of associated products. 1/4" - This thickness will be perfect for your thicker decorations and for your knives with fiberglass rods of ⅛ and ¼ inch diameter. The full sheet is 40" by 60". Half sheet is 40" by 30". WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR FINISHED PRODUCTS MADE OUTSIDE OUR WORKSHOP FROM OUR MATERIALS.


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