Dunes Khopesh 40″

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Made to order

This product is made to order! Expect a delay of 36 weeks for fabrication before the product can be shipped. A standard shipping time-frame applies after completion.

You hold in your hands the Khopesh, the legendary weapon of Egyptian warriors. Its curved hooked blade is formidable on the battlefield, capable of slicing through the toughest flesh and pulling the opponent towards you in one deadly motion. The intricately detailed handle is a testament to the mastery and skill of its creator. With this Khopesh in hand, you’ll be ready to take on the most powerful enemies that stand in your way. Let the battle begin!

Made to order

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At Nemesis Workshops, we specialize in the design and realization of custom projects. Our craftsmen are brimming with ideas and they offer you a few Artefact projects ready to be realized. All it takes is for a design to catch your eye to become yours!

Things to remember

  • It is possible to make changes such as length, colors, etc. Additional fees may apply

  • Flash Artefact projects can be reproduced several times

  • Our usual Artefact production deadlines apply https://ateliers-nemesis.com/expedition/


Would you like some changes? Write to us: ventes@ateliers-nemesis.com


Like our other products, the Flash Artefacts are designed for LARP activities.


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