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Bark half mask

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Made to order

This product is made to order! Expect a delay of 8 weeks for fabrication before the product can be shipped. A standard shipping time-frame applies after completion.

Buy this product now and earn 70-110 XP Nemesis points!
Buy this product now and earn 70-110 XP Nemesis points!

This half mask is handcrafted and engraved; it is made of fake bark, moss and mushrooms. Sure to please nature lovers and forest creatures alike!

Designed for comfort and effective in combat, the structure is made of 7-8 oz. vegetable tanned leather, boiled and dyed by hand, is rigid and durable. The shape of the mask is very breathable and provides excellent visibility.

This mask is fitted with two strong straps that attach to the back of the head, adjustable to fit all heads, easy to slip on and remove. Made of genuine leather, over time the mask will take the form of the wearers face. The inside is carefully smoothed out for added comfort.

This mask is only available in a bark version; option between imitation foam or imitation foam with mushrooms.

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