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Our products are sold all over the world!

The sale of our products could not have reached the whole world, if it was not for our passionate retailers! Whether they are in Canada, Australia, the United States or even France, our business partners recognize the quality of our products and are proud to offer their customers the Nemesis quality.


Of Science & Swords

Of Science & Swords is an Australian retailer of props and costuming with a science fiction and fantasy bent.

Primarily specialising in Live Action Role Play, Of Science and Swords sells a variety of LARP-safe and costume armaments through our website, at Medieval Fairs and LARP events around Australia, and through our showroom in Oakleigh, Victoria.

With the popularity of LARPs and Battle Games taking off, expert advice on equipment can be hard to come by. Of Science And Swords staff don’t just know the products, they play the games too.

Of Science & Swords is run by a team of dedicated staff with extensive knowledge of LARP, battlesport games and theatrical costuming. Visit our showroom or call us and we can provide the best solution for your costuming needs.

Adventurer’s Bastion

Adventurer’s Bastion is where all new adventures begin. Whether you’re a rogue, mage, knight or ranger, you’ll find what you need amongst our wares.

Based in Sydney Australia, we are run by LARPers, for LARPers. We are committed to offering the best gear from suppliers all around the globe. Our skilled staff also run crafting workshops for everything from leatherworking to shield-making with all supplies for crafting also available through our store. It’s our goal to upskill and upgear the Sydney LARP community and grow the hobby that we all love.

You can find us at most medieval fares and larp events in New South Wales. We also offer mail order supplies delivered throughout the country. So if you’re a new character or an experienced hero in need of gear, drop us a line and tell us what your next adventure requires


Boutique Imaginaire

Since 2010, and every year since then, during the months of September and October, L’Imaginaire makes it its duty to bring you the greatest selection of costumes for Halloween. To do so, it opens a temporary store, still situated in Place Laurier, to better serve its clientele. The biggest enlargement was made to the store in 2014, when L’Imaginaire added 7000 sq.ft. to the store’s surface area by acquiring the vacant space below it. In order to provide additional space to all the sections of the store, it was decided to move the following to the story underneath: Board Games, Puzzles, Disney related items and Role Playing Equipment. By rearranging the stores logistics, it created more space for every section of the store to increase its inventory and provide the client with a wider variety of products. This second story would also be equipped with a mezzanine were the Trading card Game section now resides with its own set of tables to host tournaments. The store that you know today, is a result of over 30 years of efforts, evolution and optimization. All this in reunited under one banner: L’Imaginaire in Laurier Quebec and is approximately 18,000 sq.ft. and is the home to over 70 passionate experts.

Artisans d’Azure

Our in-house brand made in Quebec, Artisans d’Azure products are designed by LARPers, for LARPers. With a focus on durability and practicality, we offer a wide selection of leather armor and accessories, as well as high-end and custom clothing, and metal and leather composite armor. We are constantly developing new products and crafting techniques to enhance our offerings for the LARP world. Les Artisans d’Azure work closely with the local larp scene so that we always stay close to the needs and passions of the community. Our mission is not only to provide quality products for the hobby, but to contribute to the development of the unique hobby of roleplaying. Since all of our products are handmade, often on demand, our entire catalog is easily customizable according to our customers’ desires. We also offer the talents of our team of craftsmen to carry out various custom projects, such as unique armors or cosplay sets.


Dracolite is made up of a group of artisans, creators and enthusiasts who imagine, design and manufacture in Quebec products of historical and fantastic medieval inspiration intended for a worldwide market. We also support several local and international artists and craftsmen (Germany, England, Austria, United States, Spain) in order to make discover their art to the greatest number. Our Mission: To make the medieval and fantasy world shine through unique high-end creations combining know-how and personalized service.


Born from a desire to make swords that are both durable and easy to maintain without compromising on aesthetics, Calimacil is a latex-free foam weapon manufacturing company. Their products are inspired as much by historical pieces as by the vast imagination of fantasy. Moreover, they offer a wide range of official replicas such as The Witcher and Kingdom Come. In addition, thanks to many local and international partnerships, Calimacil’s online store is the perfect place to assemble your next costume. With an array of clothing, armor, prosthetics and accessories, there is something for everyone!

United States

Frederick’s Forge

Frederick’s Forge is an itinerant trader who provides quality props and costumes to the NG community. We specialize in realistic LARP weapons designed to enhance the atmosphere of your gaming and convention experience.


LARP Box is for LARPers, by LARPers. We want to help LARP community grow by connecting the artists, game owners, and players that make it all happen.

Goblin Smith

We are not a Big Box store, we are not a general importer from a big warehouse, we are not a product flipper. What we are, is a Hobby Shop for LARP and Cosplay owned by an enthusiast who wants to help YOU get the most out of your hobby. We all enjoy browsing through a Horde of items that we can relate to and perhaps covet, and I hope that both the Store and the Online shop will provide that very experience for my patrons.

The merchant of many things

The Merchant of Many Things is dedicated to providing a welcoming and memorable experience while customers explore an exciting collection of LARP goods from around the world.

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