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Cutting-edge LARP equipment

Our Athena range of products is a new thermoforming manufacturing process that we have developed in order to offer high quality products at the cutting edge of technology. Thanks to this new design method, we have brought the quality of our products to a highly superior level. Safe and durable, reinforced tips thanks to quality materials and foam fusion during thermoforming. Incredible balance created by our weighting system in the handles, flawless blades thanks to our high precision molds and daggers ready to parry, thanks to a stronger fiberglass shaft.

In addition to this superior quality, the Athena range offers affordable prices, permanent inventory and fast week delivery through our efficient production. With our years of experience, we have been able to develop lighter and thinner LARP weapons, more realistic blades, lighter handles and several new and varied designs that will appeal to all tastes.

Benefits of Athena

Fast delivery

✓ Permanent inventory
✓ Delivery in 3 weeks in Canada & USA
✓ Delivery in 4 weeks elsewhere in the world

Aesthetic & creativity

✓ Thinner and more realistic blade
✓ Lighter handle and perfect balance

✓ Unique and varied concept

Superior durability

✓ 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects
✓ Stronger and safer tip 

✓ Dagger ready to parry with a stronger fiberglass shaft

Forge with art

Our Artisan range of products has been developed with the idea of offering a vast choice of options and alternatives to fit your character. With 50 products and over 500 variations available, the Artisan range offers a multitude of possibilities! From swords to axes, hammers to staffs, you will find many models for all styles of combat. Moreover, this range offers the possibility to customize your weapon. Whether it is the color of the handle of your sword, engravings on the blade or a wooden handle covered with leather, a variety of choices are offered to make your weapon unique!

We also offer the Artisan Creative service, which allows you to select options normally unavailable for the model of weapon you want and make a weapon adapted to your needs. To request a Artisan Creative project, we invite you to fill out the following form

Benefits of Artisan


✓ Over 50 different models
✓ Over 500 product options
✓ Luxury option available

Incredible handling

✓ Balanced by weighting
✓ Hard guard option
✓ Hardwood handle option


✓ Choice of leather color
✓ Choice of engraving
✓ Choice of length

Legendary start with an idea

Our Artefact range of products is designed to make custom weapons from your imagination or from the imagination of our team of skilled craftsmen. You have the option of selecting turnkey designs that our team prepares to inspire you or to provide your own ideas! Since each project is custom made, we have a lot of creative freedom. Our only restrictions are related to durability and safety. Besides that, Sky’s the limit! Whether you want an oversized sword, a glowing magician’s staff or a bloody executioner’s ax, we will create your ideas in real size. As they say: “The devil is in the details” and the Artefact range allows you to choose all the details: length, colors, engraving, shapes, etc! From the sketch to the final product, we create the weapon of your dreams.

Do you need inspiration? Our team of craftsmen offers you several ready to buy weapon designs. These designs are called Flash Artifacts, you can view them here:

Artéfact éclair

Benefits of Artifact


✓ Sketch service
✓ Unique design*
✓ No creative limits


✓ Create for you
✓ Choice of every detail
✓ Tailored for your needs

Personalized service

✓ Tracked by stage of production
✓ Photos for approval
✓ Final photo

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