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Getting a first hand look at the incredible finishes and abundance of options available to you is the best guide to help you select the characteristics that will make your weapon shine. Take a look at the possibilities for the standard products, there are even more in the “catalog variables” section and the sky’s the limit if you decide to embark on a custom-made project. Let the journey begin !

Molded handle colours

Black molded handle

Green molded handle

Blue molded handle

Molded bone style handle

Red molded handle

Molded wood style handle

Purple molded handle

Molded guard and pommel colours

Antique brass

Black steel

Tarnished steel

Hardwood handles

Wrapped black leather

Cross wrapped black leather

Wrapped brown leather

Cross wrapped brown leather

Wrapped burgundy leather

Cross wrapped burgundy leather

Wrapped red leather

Cross wrapped red leather

Wrapped purple leather

Cross wrapped purple leather

Wrapped blue leather

Cross wrapped blue leather

Wrapped green leather

Cross wrapped green leather

Wrapped yellow leather

Cross wrapped yellow leather

Tribal brown leather

Tribal black leather

Dark walnut lacquered wood

Ebony black lacquered wood

Red mahogany lacquered wood

Wrapped burgundy Tsuka Ito

Wrapped red Tsuka Ito

Wrapped blue Tsuka Ito

Wrapped blue leather Tsuka Ito

Wrapped Black Tsuka Ito

Wrapped black leather Tsuka Ito



Tarnished steel

Black steel

Antique brass

Green iridescent brass

Dark blue

Dark purple

Dark red

Dark green



Notched Orc style

Rotten Orc style

Bone style

Painted wood style

Engraved wood style

Knotty wood style

Ice style

Volcano lava style

Glow in the dark blue style

Glow in the dark green style

Grey stone style

Green crystal style

Red crystal style

Dark brown wood style

Wood style grey

Light brown wood style

Purple wood style

Type of shaft

Wood style shaft

Metal style shaft

Engraving options





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