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Compliance with certification standards of LARP
Our LARP and Cosplay recreational combat weapons have been carefully designed for safety and durability. Over 15 years of experience in the industry has made it possible for the vast majority of our products to comply with certification standards around the world.
Your favorite LARP organization refuses our weapons? We can adapt certain materials and techniques to meet the certification standards required by your LARP. Whether you are a player or an evaluator, send us the contact details of your organization or ask them to contact us directly, we will be happy to discuss the matter with them and with the possibility of sending an example of our products for approval.

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Fair play!
As manufacturers we are responsible for the safety of our products. However, users’ behavior plays an integral role in how the game is played. The user has the responsibility to respect the physical integrity of his fellow players :
✓ Inspect your weapon before each battle ;
✓ Avoid hits to the face or other vulnerable parts of the body;
✓ Act out the strength without actually enforcing it;
✓ Be mindful of the safety of others AT ALL TIMES.
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Soft and resistant materials
Our weapons are renowned for their soft edges, which results in far superior comfort than the competitors. The internal structure is made of a stretched fiberglass rod, flexible enough to partially absorb shocks, while rigid enough to not affect the handling. To reduce the risk of injury when thrusting, spikes are reinforced with a soft complex-weave polyester fabric. The blade is coated with LATEX-FREE varnish.

Superior durability

High quality materials
In the continual pursuit to meet the demanding criteria of recreational combat, we have developed high quality standards for our selection of materials.
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✓ Our closed cell cross-linked EVA copolymer memory foams, called Evazote, are 100% waterproof, have a comfortable density and benefit from a high threshold for breaking.
✓ Our fiberglass rods manufactured by Pultrusion are #1 grade, the highest quality on the market

✓ To ensure a fusion between the foam layers and solid adhesion around the structure we use a high quality Neoprene contact adhesive.

✓ Our natural rubber covering the foam, contains a sulfur additive which makes it possible to triple the molecular bonds during coagulation. This provides greater resistance to tearing and improved waterproofing.

✓ Our varnish is 100% LATEX FREE, flexible and waterproof. It also allows us to refresh the blades over time without lamination.

✓ Our molded sleeves, guards and knobs are made of high quality polyurethane rubber which is waterproof and tear resistant.

✓ Our wooden handles are made of carefully selected hardwood reinforced with a steel tube in the center and covered with real leather or a protective varnish.

Axes designed to pull and parry
A unique manufacturing concept allows our axes to parry and pull safely, protecting the weapon as well as the other players!

Made in Canada

The entire production is hand-made in Quebec
Our workshop is located in the province of Quebec, Canada, in a region called Mauricie, in a quaint little village called St-Élie-de-Caxton. The work space spans 5 000 square feet and houses each of the manufacturing stages, executed by our experienced and passionate team. Most of the finishing details are done by hand, and for certain procedures are still considered handcrafted, which grants our production team great adaptability to meet our customers needs.
Innovative techniques in research and development
Our manufacturing techniques have evolved over time to meet demand, remain competitive and ensure that production remains in Canada. We have developed original high-quality materials, as well as a process to thermoform our blades, called the ATHENA process. These innovative ideas and applications have allowed our products to meet industry standards while improving their quality and allowing our team to become more productive. Incorporating the industry’s technological advancements into our process, using the ATHENA press and the 3D printer, improves our tools that inspire our creativity.
Nemesis Workshops are creating local jobs
Regional development and job creation is at the heart of our business plan. Our company values ​​employee participation in production management, ideas and creations on top of contributing to a positive work environment. We rely on the skills and strengths of each individual to achieve our collective goals.
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Restoration of used weapons

Restoration of used weapons
Our weapons are designed with refurbishment in mind, the goal is to make it easy and inexpensive for our customers to extend the lifespan of their weapon. It is important for us to stay true to our ecological vision with regards to the production of goods, but we also ensure the products have maintained their safety compliances and their viability. We offer several refurbishment services.

Our restauration services

Purchase and sale of used weapons
Our service of buying and selling used weapons will please even the smallest budgets! On top of riding the ecological wave, this service allows you to exchange your weapons for NEMESIS XP!
Durable products and 1-year warranty
Our products are designed to sustain for an average lifespan of 5-8 years. If well maintained they can be restored for another 5-8 years.
Our 1-year warranty covers manufacturing defects. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about the warranty, we are always interested in improving our team and our processes.

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Realism and attention to detail
The incredible aesthetics and great attention to detail of the Nemesis weapons is without a doubt one of the main elements that sets us apart from the competition. Our unique designs are created to maximize the realism, and embellish the fantasy, always keeping safety in mind. The rich nuances of our colours, the handmade engravings and the comfort of the grips makes each of our weapons a work of art.
Non-synthetic materials
Particular attention is paid to our handles, their realism is distinct, a credit to the non-synthetic materials we use. Lacquered hardwood handles, covered with real leather and wrapped with braided leather techniques, gives its owner the exquisite impression they are handling a real weapon.

The handling

Enhanced balance by ballasting
One of the distinct features of a Nemesis weapon is its incredible grip. Our LARP weapons are designed to provide you with an unparalleled combat experience. The use of ballasting, the lightness of the blades, the rigid and comfortable oval grip are the key elements that combine to make a Nemesis weapon the weapon of choice.
Structure option for guard
It is possible to add a rigid structure to the guards of some of our catalog models as well as to our custom creations. This option will undoubtedly add finesse to your combat techniques.

Cuztomize your weapon

Enhanced balance by ballasting
Product range is a huge preoccupation at the Nemesis Workshop. We are constantly pushing the envelope to develop ways to personalize our service, on top of offering a vast variety of options in our catalog of products. There is a boundless potential to combine the options available in the catalog to shape your weapon into the your desired combat companion just look at our Creative Catalog! You can take it one step further by choosing a project uniquely designed for your character with our custom creations.

We can also assist you in your selection process by consulting with our design and sketching services.

Passionate and creative team

Professionalism and customer service
Our team has acquired years of experience both as LARP players and as manufacturers, our accumulated expertise and skills enables us to create a product at the will surpass your expectations.
Our sales team is always available to answer questions about the status of your orders or discuss your aesthetic choices. Along with our 1-year warranty and our refurbishing services, our team remains dedicated long after the sale is complete. If you are interested in taking a closer look at the Nemesis universe, where the magic happens, we offer a free tour of our workshop.

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Community support
We are proud to participate in the development of our community. We
encourage individuals and groups to get involved by supporting
immersive event organizers, influencers and federations through our Ambassador program.
Free panels and conferences on the subjects of artistic creation, the manufacturing processes & materials as well as entrepreneurship are offered, at certain times of the year.

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Passionate and creative team
Our team comes from geek and LARP environments, so we have a deep understanding of the realms at play. This knowledge provides us with a solid foundation to respond to customer requests and adapt easily to different universes.

Our passion and implication for the game is our source of creativity. Inclusion and diversity are values ​​that we hold dear and motivate us to work together towards a common goal.

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