Mission and values

Our history

Nemesis is now 18 years old.

18 years of experience, creativity and innovation. In the last year, The Nemesis Workshop company decided to focus solely on the design and manufacture of weapons for LARP and recreational combat. To arrive at this decision, our team of craftsmen got the chance to evolve in many different creative fields. We went through the creation of costumes, the manufacture of sets for the theater and cinema, the making of leather accessories, not to mention the assembly of huge creatures for events. Although we have specialized over the years, our look at the past and all the major projects carried out make us extremely confident as a company for the future. Our reputation for excellence has allowed us to gain worldwide recognition for our creativity and our unique talent for taking dreams and turning them into reality. Our high-end weapons for recreational combat are sold and distributed in around ten countries. The expertise and passion for challenges of our team, ensures the constant development of unique products in perfect symbiosis with the imagination of our customers. Our high quality composite materials certify an exemplary and superior condition to other latex weapons sold on the market. The acquisition of new development technologies for our weapon collections also allows us to market creations accessible to all, such as the weapons of the Athena range. After so many years of accumulating experience in many fields, the level of innovation and originality is at its peak at Nemesis Workshop. Beyond our constantly growing production, we have been able to create a dream team of which we are very proud. Talented and efficient craftsmen ready to carry out the large-scale projects for which we are renowned. Our love for the Larp community has also allowed us to bring together artists, inventors, and all kinds of amazing dream-makers who love this community too. By joining forces, we create a group of creators who support and collaborate to elevate each other’s businesses! The Nemesis Workshop is first and foremost a company that values ​​the inclusion of all, open-mindedness and mutual aid. By keeping these qualities close to the heart, the Nemesis team ensures transparency and a family spirit of which we can be proud!

Our mission

Our high-end, custom-made and innovative products are designed for immersion activities and the LARP and Cosplay community. They are designed to enhance the immersive experience in addition to offering unparalleled handling in combat. Through a variety of training and materials, we help the community to achieve creative fulfillment. By offering personalized service and quality products, we aspire to improve the gaming experience for all players around the world.

How we apply our values


The fundamental basis of Nemesis Workshops is creativity. Our team bears witness to this through our services, products, and the structure of our organization. We are as committed to our team as to the community through these actions :  

✓ Research and get involved in a rich artistic process;

✓ Share your knowledge through workshops and conferences;

✓ Promote handmade products and customer ideas;

✓ Innovate and encourage continuous improvement;

✓ Create a variety of products and options;

✓ Reward creativity with advisory services;

✓ Share, exchange and inspire through our creations and those of our community


Community is the key to our success. Our common passion is unifying and full of possibilities. The Nemesis workshops could not continue without the sharing and unity of the group. We are as committed to our team as to the community through these actions :  

✓ Support immersive event organizer;

✓ Encourage local partners and artisans;

✓ Foster team spirit and active participation in ideas;

✓ Participate in strengthening the international community;

✓ Be inclusive and promote diversity;

✓ Share our knowledge and ideas.


Stating values is not enough; we must strive to achieve them. Nemesis Workshop was founded on the desire to create high quality products in a rewarding work environment. Ensuring the balance between the quality of products, our health and environment as well as our relationship with customers is a daily commitment and here is how we are committed to applying it :  

✓ Establish personalized contact and follow up on projects;

✓ Offer after-sales service; Ensure rigorous quality control;

✓ Apply our self to the best of our ability and surpass our self;

✓ Maintain a healthy and participative work environment;

✓ Maintain workshop tools and optimize our methods;

✓ Motivate and inspire.

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