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Why order custom?

The Nemesis Workshops are recognized worldwide for the quality and fine attention to detail of their custom-made creations.

You want a weapon to your liking, more suited to the whims of your character, you have a fighting style all your own or you simply want equipment bearing the image of your guild. With our custom-made creation service, our team of creators accompanies you through each step of the process, beginning with the sketch, onto your choice of textures, engravings and colors until the final rendering, when your vision is realized. Submit your ideas here and we will send you a free quote!

Do you need inspiration?

Our Creations section is filled with some of the most inspiring projects. This will certainly help your creativity to plan your custom project.

Any ideas in your head?

Start your tailor-made request now with our detailed form!

A few easy steps to prepare your project for a free quote!

✓   Prepare your reference image file and / or your sketch. Need some inspiration? Click here for some quick custom

✓ Make sure to have the details of your project on hand; dimensions, colors, weight, type of handle.

For more ideas click here on options! !

✓   Be sure to check the safety regulations for your LARP and provide us with the details if applicable.

✓  Don’t hesitate to tell us your budget and the amount of details you want, this will allow us to evaluate your project according to your means.

✓   Upon request, it is possible to meet directly with a member of our creative team, in our workshop or during events.

Sketch art services

You would like to get your ideas on paper but can’t seem to do them justice, our team of creators is at your service to draw
the sketch of your ultimate weapon! Upon request, it is possible to meet directly with a member of our creative team, in our workshop or during events.

(There is a 25 $ fee tax included, for the rendering of a sketch, that fee will be deducted from your invoice if you order the item.)

Flash Custom Collection

Need some ideas for custom-made gear? This collection includes concepts of weapons that are waiting to be produced for the first time, and models of collection weapons that were made in a limited series. The sketches are original and designed by our creative team. Be among those who will bring them to life!

Creative catalog

Here’s a cost-effective way to create a unique weapon! The catalog weapons are available with a variety of different options, by mixing and matching your choices you can augment a standard product to an exclusive blend personalized to your character.

Terms and conditions of custom-made weaponry

The Nemesis Workshops have a clear policy regarding the terms and conditions of purchasing custom projects and the copyright attached to them. It would be advisable to read them carefully. For more information click here:

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