Frequently Asked Questions
When will my order be ready?
Our production times vary depending if the item is in inventory or needs to be fabricated, and according to the classification; catalog products, variable catalog products or custom creation. Click on this link for more details on our production times and shipping terms.
Does a submission require me to order?
Sending a quote does not commit you in any way and is completely free. You can, however, pay $25 for a sketch. This amount will be credited to your purchase if you place the order for the product.
Our free submissions
How much does a custom weapon cost?
The prices of custom creations will vary according to the following criteria:✓ Dimensions ;
✓ Complexity of the pattern;
✓ Reinforcements and structures required;
✓ Engravings and embellishments;
✓ Complexity of the sculpture;
✓ Complexity of the painting and finishes;
✓ Complexity of the handle and its coating.
Our quotes are valid for 3 months, after which an estimate can be revised. As each project is unique in its specifications, prices can vary greatly.
What are the advantages of subscribing to the newsletter and creating an account?
By creating an account you will gain access to our new products, events and promotions in advance! In addition you will be eligible to participate in our XP NEMESIS system which allows you to accumulate 10% of your orders in exchangeable bonuses.
Click on this link for more details on opening an account.
What is the copyright policy of The Nemesis Workshop?
Click on this link for more details on our copyright policy.
What is the return policy for The Nemesis Workshop?
Click on this link for more details on our 60-day return policy.
What are the warranty limits for Nemesis weapons?
See details of the 1-year warranty here.
What are the costs and delivery times?
The exact shipping price of your order will be displayed in your shopping cart before payment. It is always possible to contact us for fast shipping options or for group purchases.

IMPORTANT: All customs duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. International shipments may be subject to import duties and taxes once the shipment reaches your country.

Does The Nemesis Workshops send their weapons outside of North America and Europe?
It is possible to send NEMESIS weapons to all locations accessible by our UPS shipping service.
It is also possible to get express delivery for additional fees, contact us for more details.
What currency is used for purchases?
You can view site prices in Canadian dollars (CAD), U.S. dollars (USD), Australian dollars (AUS), or Euros (EUR). Upon purchase, the total amount will be converted to Canadian dollars.
Do I pay less at
The prices displayed on our online store are the same as in our physical store and event booths. Promotions may take place during special events and prices may vary.
What are the characteristics of NEMESIS weapons?
The nemesis weapons have been designed with a harmonious approach bringing together aesthetics, handling and safety.
More details on the weapon quality
What is the difference between a NEMESIS sword and a sword made of expanded foam or injected foam?
NEMESIS swords are made from cross-linked EVA copolymer foam with closed cells, the weapon is 100% waterproof guaranteed and very resistant to tearing all while remaining soft-edged and safe. Our industrial grade synthetic and natural rubber coatings provide durability to the finish.

NEMESIS weapons present a slew of advantages over weapons made of injected polyurethane foam. To name a few of the characteristics the NEMESIS weapons possess that differentiate them:

✓ Softness of the materials
✓ Impermeability
✓ Safety for the thrust
✓ Balancing
✓ Unparalleled swaying and handling
✓ Incredible potential for customization.
✓ Process flexibility

What are the standard weapon lengths at NEMESIS?
The total length of the weapon is taken from point to pommel, here is an average of our standard lengths ;

✓ Knife = 30-50 cm
✓ Short sword, blunt weapon and short axe = 60-75 cm
✓ Longword, blunt weapon and longaxe = 80-100 cm
✓ Bastard sword, blunt weapon and bastard axe = 110 cm
✓ Two handed sword = 130-150 cm
✓ Polearms = 150-183 cm

How heavy is a NEMESIS weapon?
The majority of NEMESIS weapons are below 450 gr. (1.1 lbs). Depending on the length and the handle, the weight of the weapon varies between 275 and 800 gr. (0.6 to 2 lbs). This weight is mainly concentrated in the handles which gives our weapons an unequaled balance and realism in handling. Lighter weapons can reduce your grip on the handle and make you vulnerable to being easily disarmed.
What kind of reinforcement do you use?
We use a reinforcement made of polyester fiber with a complex weave. Reinforcements, especially when exposed to other materials such as glues, must have complex armor in order to resist tearing. Contrary to the rumor that the kevlar is indestructible we have done several tests, that resulted in failure when coated with glue. We also pay special attention to strengthening other parts of a weapon, including the guards and protuberances.
Are the NEMESIS weapons balanced?
NEMESIS weapons, especially swords, are renowned for their swing. The swing is calculated from the guard towards the point and is the perfect balancing point of the weapon. The closer it is to guard, while respecting a suitable overall weight, the better the weapon is balanced. NEMESIS weapons are balanced on average between 0 and 15 cm from the guard.
How is the durability, safety and maintenance of a NEMESIS weapon?
The life and safety of NEMESIS weapons is very much up to the user. If the user follows the instructions he can keep his weapons for several years despite many hours of practice and fighting. It is advisable to keep the blade clean and to apply a silicone-based protective product to avoid premature wear of the finish. Avoid leaving heavy objects on top of the weapon while in storage, materials are made of memory foam but can mark with time.
Are NEMESIS weapons safe for children?
Any NEMESIS weapon user under the age of 14 must be supervised by a responsible adult, must be able to hold the weapon and know how to use it.
Can you injure yourself with a NEMESIS weapon?
A new, refurbished or used NEMESIS weapon should always be inspected for safety. It is the responsibility of the user to deliver restrained blows and to avoid blows to the face and sensitive areas.
What is LARP?
Live Action Role-Playing, or simply LARP, is a form of role-playing game in which players physically embody a character in a fictional universe. The players interpret their character through interactions and physical actions, according to the rules of the game and the arbitration of organizers. Foam swords are the star accessory for these activities.

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