Production of a single weapon model in series

Our team can bring your vision to life, we can create a life-size Cosplay weapon unique to your imagination for serial production, whether it be for your group of players, for corporate purposes, or for your LARP organization. Our creators will strive to achieve your technical and aesthetic requirements, through each step of the process from the sketch, to the sculpture of the matrix to the silicone molding, all the while ensuring the standardization of the product. It is possible to yield copyright rights to these projects with a written agreement signed by both parties and under certain conditions. Conditions to be determined on a case by case basis, but an example would be the client financing the development costs. Depending on the concept, your project could be approved for serial production but with a non-exclusivity agreement, allowing the product to be added to our regular catalog. Depending on the project, a model for serial production can be produced with a minimum order of 10 units.

Sketch Art Service

The sketch is a crucial link in the creative process chain, a key element to the successful realization of an artistic project. Our team of creators will take your ideas and bring them to life on paper! These sketches cover a wide range of projects, from corporate projects, to set design and cinema to completing your characters costume. Your vision will be respected while our creative team worries about the constraints of manufacturing. Upon request, you can book an appointment to meet directly with one of our creators or request their presence during your events. Fill out the form for a free quote. Sketch and design fees may apply depending on your request.

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