Why choose custom

The Nemesis Workshops are recognized worldwide for the high quality and attention to detail of their custom-made creations. Our personalized service will allow the life-size cosplay weapon of your dreams come to life! Our team of expert creators will accompany you throughout the entire creation process from the sketch, the choice of textures, engravings and colors to the final product.

A step-by-step guide to the custom weapon process:

Our sales team and artists meet the client in person or electronically with the reference file. Our team can draft the sketch that will help realize the project. The pattern is created from the references and / or sketch. At this stage the creators ensure that safety requirements can be met and the search for the right materials begins. The foam is cut and mounted in blocks around the structures. The piece is sculpted and decorated. All of our weapons are coated with a latex spray, flexible paint and a 100% waterproof latex-free varnish. Many details are elaborated by hand. Particular attention is paid to the details of the handle, in order to provide unparalleled maneuverability to the weapon, but also to ensure the aesthetic details and comfort. Once your weapon is finished, we immortalize our creation and we proceed to shipping.

1. Submission and sketch
2. Patronage
3. Tracing and cutting
4. Assembly and reinforcement
5. Tracing guides
6. Sculpture and finishing
7. Engraving and decoration
8. Latex spray
9. Paint and varnish
10. Final result

The multiple manufacturing stages, as well as high demand may lead to longer production times for this type of order. Our team ensures that your project will meet your requirements and our quality standards at each stage of the process.

Ready to begin? You can submit your ideas here and will respond with a free estimate!

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